What is the difference between Dark Web, Dark Net, and Deep Web


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Mar 17, 2022
There are many terms when talking about the light and dark parts of the Internet, but their definition is quite simple.


The websites and social networks that average users are familiar with can be called in different ways:
  • Indexed Web
  • Indexable Web
  • Lightnet
  • Surface web
  • Visible Web
🕵️ These websites often make it possible to establish the identity of a user and their IP address.

Dark Net​

The DarkNet is an overlay network built over the regular internet like other overlay networks - peer-to-peer and client-server applications. It has its own social networks, sites, forums, and other platforms for communication, file transfer, etc.

A regular web browser such as Mozilla, Chrome, Opera, and Firefox is not enough to access them. A special browser like Tor is needed along with special PC settings and/or authorization. DarkNet resources are not indexed by public search engines like Google and cannot be found through regular searches, as the DarkNet has its own search engines.

🕵️ DarkNet is anonymous and conceals IP addresses.

Dark Web​

The Dark Web is another name for DarkNet sites that contain often illegal information and databases that are referred to by criminals and unscrupulous individuals. The Dark Web and the DarkNet are not the same things, though they are often mistakenly referred to by the same term.

🕵️ Dark Web (DarkNet sites) is anonymous and conceals IP addresses.

Deep Web​

The Deep Web is part of the World Wide Web (global web) that is not indexed by search engines. Ordinary browsers can access it, but users will need authorization or a direct link to the resource.

The resources can be anything from sites with paid access to pay-per-view websites with access after viewing ads, or some other restrictions like passwords, etc. Most of the Deep Web has nothing to do with criminality or illegal activities. It is merely content or services with limited access.

🕵️ Deep Web websites often make it possible to establish the identity of a user and their IP address.

Is it a crime to use DarkNet or DeepWeb?​

Browsing is not a crime, but anything other than browsing, such as buying things or services, may be illegal in the user's place of residence.


LightnetDark NetDark WebDeep Web
Special browser is required
User data and IP address collection
Indexed by search engines